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Rules and Regulations

AGM Exhibition Rules and Regulations 2023

Originality: All images submitted to AGM Exhibition must be the original work of the author. Any form of plagiarism or copyright infringement is strictly prohibited. Participants must have full ownership and rights to the images they submit.

Sections: The exhibition consists of 5 sections: Colour, Monochrome, Nature, Travel, and Street. Participants can submit a maximum of 4 images in each section.

Image Specifications:
a. Image Size: All submitted images should have a maximum size of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
b. Image Title: Each image should have a title that is limited to 50 characters or less.
c. Image File Size: The file size of each image should not exceed 2 MB.

Definitions of Each Section:
a. Colour: This section focuses on vibrant and visually appealing images that showcase the creative use of color.
b. Monochrome: This section is dedicated to black and white images that emphasize contrast, tones, and textures.
c. Nature: In this section, participants can submit images that capture the beauty and diversity of the natural world, including landscapes, wildlife, plants, and more.
d. Travel: The travel section invites images that portray the essence and cultural experiences of different locations around the globe.
e. Street: This section highlights the art of capturing candid moments in public spaces, reflecting the everyday life and unique narratives of the streets.

Entry Fee: $1 [USD] per image. Please note that the entry fee for AGM Exhibition is non-refundable. Participants are required to pay the designated entry fee to complete their submission. Payment details will be provided upon registration.

By participating in AGM Exhibition, all participants confirm that the submitted images are their original work and that they hold the necessary rights and permissions for the images. AGM Exhibition reserves the right to disqualify any entry found to be in violation of this rule.

Participants are responsible for maintaining the originality and integrity of their submitted images. Any breach of these rules may lead to disqualification from the exhibition and potential legal consequences.

Note: The specific rules and regulations of AGM Exhibition are subject to change. Participants are advised to review the official exhibition guidelines and announcements for the most accurate and up-to-date information.